Friday, April 17, 2009

Female Slave Wanted

The title says it all basically. And now for the the requirements. # 1 The female slave MUST be over the LEGAL AGE of 21 and some place between not quite dead ( say 65 years of age) and yes it would be GREAT if she had NO more than one foot in the grave and oh yes let's NOT forget the two most items . The first one s being a human being and the second one is still breathing ( Hm it might be hard to breath thru a ball gag, but I do have faith in you). Of course this is a LONG TERM "POSITION" ( HEY could it be any other way).You need to crave restraints ,spankings and of course general servitude ( heck I don't know whatnthewife and I will be using you as from one day to the next. One day you could be or footstool. The next maybe a our coffee table or who knows whatelse). Ok so now if you feel that you are BRAVE ENOUGH or WORTHY enogh to "serve us" then you need to get in touch with us NOW